Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Five AAA Wrestlers that would have a major impact on Lucha Underground if they show up.

 Five AAA Wrestlers that would have a major impact on Lucha Underground if they show up.

5. The Apache Sisters- #GiveMexicanWomenAChance. Faby and Mary Apache are, as their name implies, Apache from northern Mexico. Their dad was one of the first people to train female wrestlers and to this day is one of the main trainers for women looking to get into wrestling. The living legend has passed on all of his knowledge to his daughters who could run circles around just about any diva or knockout, which is saying a lot because I think the current knockouts and divas are amazing athletes. They have competed in mixed matches both in tag and one on one. Faby Apache even held the mixed tag titles with Aerostar who is already in Lucha Underground. Their inclusion puts two powerful women on the roster that always put on great matches and have heat with Sexy star and chemistry with most of the wrestlers from AAA.

4. Psycho Circus- If you want a "Trios" league, you need Trios talent, and the Psycho Circus is the tops when it comes to Trios. Aside from the Hell Brothers they are one of the best when it comes to working as a unit. Each Individual wrestler is capable as a singles performer with each member holding a title outside of Trios. This team can make you a believer in the match type that "The Crew" have been working in the temple. It would only take 3 or 4 teams to cement the league as a whole, and between The Crew, Psycho Circus, and The Hell Brothers competition would be even better then good.

3. Myzteziz (Sin Cara)- Remember how Sin Cara botched a bunch? Now he never does. He's not a joke, he's a serious character that has matches where his blood stained mask is ripped from his face. Much like Alberto El Patron and Texano Jr., bringing over Myzteziz also means bringing over his rival El Hijo de Perro Aguayo; A merciless madman and the leader of Perros Del Mal, which includes maniacs like Pentagon Jr. This is a rivalry so good that you don't even need a belt to legitimize it, they just hate each other that much that every match becomes a bloody ordeal of one-upmanship.

2. Cibernetico- Some people might remember him from WWF, especially the rumble. Ciber is a bonafide star and has a working relationship with Mil Muertes that goes back a number of years. On top of a great singles performer, bringing over Ciber, also means bringing over his stable, The Hell Brothers. Another Incredible Trios team, they can feud with anyone in single, tag or trios and get the job done. Ciber, Averno and Chessman are vets that don't really have bad matches ever, and including them fills out the roster in a number of ways.Not only can they work Trios, but also standard tags and even singles as all three members have held a major heavyweight title.

1. La Parka- Seriously? Do I need to say anything other then "It's fucking La Parka"? This isn't the same La Parka we saw in WCW, but he's just as good, just as charismatic and just as fun to watch. He unmasked Cibernetico and was essentially the John Cena of AAA while it got back on it's feet in the mid 2000s. the guy can carry a company, and having him walk out, chair in hand, on Lucha Underground would make any ECW or WCW fan mark the hell out, even if it's not the same guy, it is the same idea. He has a great working relationship and familiarity with everyone in AAA, so you could throw him into any feud or even have him manage and be a recognizable face...err mask, that has an easy gimmick to understand, even for newcomers that may never have heard of him.

This is just five of many others that could have a significant impact on the roster. Before getting into who from the indys I would like to see (Spoiler ACH and Jay Lethal) I could still keep belting out names like Rey Mysterio, Taya Valkyrie, Jack Evans, and Black Mamba. Lucha Underground is a very different wrestling product and competition is always good for growth in entertainment, so lets all support it because it will make other products good if it is seen as a threat.