Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I don't want to be the downer here but for black and brown people HRC's nomination is terrifying. I come at this from the perspective of an Afro-Indigenous leader from the Caribbean.
Her policy even before being elevated to this level has lead to the sustained brutalization of women and a crisis level of hopelessness among youth. Privatization, industrialization and deregulation of international trade, incarceration and militarization are imminent.
This of course, is overshadowed by the "exciting" prospect of there being a Woman as "Leader of the Free World". While the prospect is exciting for the self esteem and ambition of those that will only have ever known Obama+Clinton, it may only benefit a select group.
As it stands now there are children in my tribe that are too young to remember, or never experienced a white man as president, but they've also been forced to flee places like Puerto Rico, Brazil and Argentina because of elevating violence, debt, drought etc.
In the next 8 years I won't be teaching them they could be president, I'll be convincing them they have the right to live. That someday the assaults of various natures will end, and that life is worth living.
With this in mind, I will indeed be casting my vote for HRC in the general election but only because the monster that waits in the wings (and will not be banished by simply losing) is a far more terrifying alternative.
I cast this vote knowing that she will stand in opposition to my work, both as an activist and an Indigenous person haunted by the ghosts of dead colonists like Monroe.
I implore you, when you teach your children that they can reach any heights, even the highest office, they do not need to step over our graves to arrive.

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